The Final Hour of Unwinnable Weekly’s Kickstarter Campaign

As of this writing there are around 80 minutes left until the crowd-funding campaign for Unwinnable Weekly ends. The campaign to fund a digital weekly edition of Unwinnable hit its initial goal of $35,000 yesterday and hit another milestone of $38,545 in the last couple of hours.

In addition to supporting a weekly digital magazine dedicated to geek culture, gaming, and the odds and ends of living a life on planet Earth, those who help fund this Kickstarter before it ends can also choose from a plethora of interesting rewards including one reward tier that offers 24 indie games as a bonus.

Sitting through two nights of the Unwinnable Weekly telethon on Twitch in support of its crowd-funding campaign, some pretty strange and interesting conversations unfolded, but the most bizarre thing was a commitment to create a Twine game about Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff, and Fabio. From the Unwinnable Kickstarter page:

"During the telethon last night, Stu Horvath pointed out that the cover art of Wizards & Warriors 2: Iron Sword featured none other than Fabio in a what appeared to be a wrestling belt. The conversation that ensued between Charles Moran, composer George Collazo, writer Matthew Duhamel and game developers Teddy Diefenbach and Nina Freeman was the perfect kind of delirious brainstorming session that can only be called a game jam.

The result? An open design document for a dating sim / fighter Twine game chronicling the romantic entanglements and battles of Fabio, Hulk Hogan and David Hasselhoff. It all starts when the Hoff has an existential crisis after the death of Steve Irwin and starts raising manta rays…you really have to read the doc to believe it.

Better yet: we convinced Teddy and Nina to actually make the game if the Kickstarter hit $30k last night. And it did! So not only is the world that much closer to getting Unwinnable Weekly, it is also going to get "a game about rekindling the lost love between Fabio and Hulk Hogan."

If you haven't yet, you can support Unwinnable Weekly by visiting Kickstarter. All of this extra funding will help make Unwinnable and all the things it does even better than it already is. For more information on Unwinnable, visit

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