Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars Available Via Steam Early Access

Indie developer Digital Eel let us know that its crowd-funded 3D space exploration game, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is now available via Steam Early Access.

"Even as development continues, we're very excited to be able to share Sea of Stars early with Kickstarter backers and the gaming community at large," the company said today. "Steam's Early Access allows you to play work-in-progress versions of the game (new build updates are automatic), provide critical feedback and actually help shape its creation."

Much like its predecessors – Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (2002) and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (2005) – Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars offers turn-based space exploration, real-time starship combat and roguelike elements. Sea of Stars brings that gameplay to a 3D universe and adds interesting gameplay features that are new and exclusive.

When Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is released it will be priced at $9.95. Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars is available via Early Access on Steam.

Digital Eel managed to raise $36,661 to develop Infinite Space III via a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended in May of 2013. The company has been working on the game ever since.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I have learned that early access to games just isn't for me (and I have early access to this one since I Kickstarted it).  It isn't all the bugs and problems that bother me, it's when I get used to the game playing a certain way, and then it is widely overhauled along the way to full release.  Things added, removed, tweaked…  It's the natural way of it, of course, but I seem to always find myself "missing" the earlier versions I got used to (looking at you, Terraria).  I popped into Starbound for a bit early on, simply because I had been waiting for it for so long I just had to.  But then, satisfied, I haven't touched it since and don't expect I will until it's a more or less finalized release.

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