Happy Birthday, Game Boy

Nintendo's very first hand-held gaming system, the Game Boy, turns 25 years old today. Nintendo's original Game Boy hand-held was launched on April 21, 1989 and has sold over 118 million units to-date. Nintendo has sold over 118.69 million units – if you include Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color sales numbers – to date, along with 501.11 million pieces of game software. The first game to be bundled with the Game Boy was Tetris, a juggernaut in its own right.

Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance in 2001, which went on to sell over 81.5 million units worldwide.

While the Game Boy wasn't the first hand-held gaming device to market, the system stood the test of time, beating out its competition and helping to spawn future hand-held systems such as the Nintendo DS (153 million units sold to-date) and the Nintendo 3DS (43 million systems sold to-date) that has helped Nintendo corner the market for decades.

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