Introducing ‘Prisonscape,’ an RPG That Lets You Shank People

It's hard to be against a game that lets you craft a shank out of a melted toothbrush, a Bic razor and a sheet from a bed. PCGamesN highlights the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign for the Prison-themed RPG Prisonscape. Currently the game from indie developer Lunar Enigma has generated $11,210 of its $49,500 funding goal with 17 more days to go.

The Super NES stylized game puts you in the freshly incarcerated shoes (with no laces) of a prisoner who must learn how to survive or become a victim of the system. Players can interact with over 80 characters, trade, craft, join a gang, snitch for rewards, or engage in tile-based combat using homemade weapons and other tools. The developers say that the game is inspired by The Wire and other prison related media.

It is being developed for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

The game also has the public endorsements of John Romero and Chris Avellone, for whatever it's worth…

If Prisonscape sounds like something you'd be interested in playing, then visit the game's Kickstarter page and back them. You can check out the introductory pitch video to your left.

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