CCP to Take on MMA Fighter Gunnar ‘Gunni’ Nelson at EVE Fanfest 2014

In what can only be described as an ill-conceived plan to garner attention and to earn an entire group of people a trip to the emergency room, members of EVE Online developer CCP Games plan to challenge (MMA) fighter Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson (who has a record of 12-0-1) in actual physical combat during the EVE Fanfest on May 2. The battle, which is appropriately billed as EVE OF DESTRUCTION, will happen on the night of Friday, May 2 and will be streamed live on

In its press release announcing the event, CCP Games tries to hype up its team of combatants, who clearly don't have a prayer:

"The fighting itself will be very serious," said Ragnar 'CCP Loki' Eðvaldsson, the fight’s promoter. "We aim to defeat this world-class athlete and the team has been training hard for many months at Mjölnir [gym] to do so. What is the distance between a person at the top of the pyramid and those who strive to get there? Tune in to find out."

Sveinn 'CCP Guard/Mister G' Kjarval, who is the Community Developer for EVE Online, lead singer of Permaband and the coach of the CCP team, describes the EVE OF DESTRUCTION event as the "single greatest spectacle of athleticism" ever conceived, rivaled only by the "Brain vs. Pain" Chessboxing match held at Fanfest 2011. He promises "flailing, half-strength maneuvers" from his team of "fighters" that will "possibly, eventually have a 2% chance at best of causing this human tornado of devastation to pause and laugh just long enough that we get super lucky."

Nelson had no comment on the fight.

You can learn more about the EVE Fanfest 2014 by visiting Somebody had better have a rack full of white towels (to throw into the ring) ready for when things get too rough for the CCP Games team…

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