Poll: How Do You Usually Divide Up Your Humble Bundle Payments?

When you purchase a Humble Bundle, not only do you get to pick the price you pay, you get to decide how it's divided up between charity, the developers of the bundle's games or Humble Bundle itself.

This week's poll asks how you usually split up your payment.  Do you go all charity?  Give it all to the devs?  Do you spread the love around?

Or hey, maybe you've never bought a Humble Bundle.

Whatever the case may be, vote in the poll and let us know.  Your answer could decide the fate of our universe so don't you leave us hanging!  Give a listen to next week's podcast and you'll hear EZK and I reveal the poll results before we dive headlong into a wide range of interesting topics.

After I spend 20 minutes bitching about Traveler's Tales and their buggy-ass LEGO games, of course.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Additionally, I don't recall Humble Bundle ever offering the option to send a portion of your payment to a game's publisher.


    Andrew Eisen

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Looking at the current bundle, most of it defaults to the devs, then a bit to charity and a the remainder (the smallest amount) to Humble Bundle.  As I recall, this has been the default for all the bundles.

    Also, when I say "divvy," I don't mean evenly divided.  The word is meant to encapsulate the myriad ways the purchase price can be split up among the various recipients.


    Andrew Eisen

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    prh99 says:

    I usually leave mine on the default split, but I will change the charity sliders so that portion goes to Childs play and the EFF or all to either if one is not present. If neither of them are there it goes to the devs and humble at the default split when you set charity to zero.

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    Sora-Chan says:

    I tend to give 10 or 15 dollars per bundle, and split it up. $1 to the humble bundle tip, and half and half of the rest to charity and the developers. Unless I don't like the developers/publishers, like EA, then it all goes to the charity and the humble bundle tip.

    Though there is another thing I do, if I own the majority of the games in the bundle, I do tend to get as low as 5 dollars for the devs, and raise up the amount to charity.

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    Thomas Riordan says:

    Depends on the charity. If it's worthwhile then they get the lion's share of the money, if they're not and I just want the games they get the least while the rest is divied up between the publishers and Humble.

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    Infophile says:

    I've only bought one, but I divvied it up. My logic being: While I most want the money to go to charity first of all, I also want there to be more Humble Bundles in the future. For that to happen, the developers and Humble Bundle need to be getting something out of it (Some will do it purely for charity, but the extra cash greases the wheels).

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