Report: ‘Bravely Default’ Banned in Saudi Arabia

According to this Destructoid blog (from a reader named "Lord Spencer" who lives in Saudi Arabia), the government has banned the Square Enix 3DS game Bravely Default for promoting sexual behavior in children and pedophilia. While it is not at all shocking that the government in this country bans a particular game, the reasoning for the Bravely Default ban is as over-the-top as one can get. Saudi Arabia regularly bans games for sexual content, violence, religious references, and more, but Bravely Default is the first game that has been banned for promoting "pedophilia."

According to suppliers of the game in the country and the two major game stores (Tokyo Games, Computer Games) who spoke to by Destructoid, the game earned a ban after an editorial in a newspaper that painted Bravely Default in a particularly bad light.

The writer of the editorial wrote that he had been buying his children some "Nintendo children games" and was surprised by the "gross sexuality of children" on the cover of the game. Using the cover and some YouTube research he did on the game, the writer of the editorial concluded that the game is a pedophile's best training tool and that it promotes children acting and dressing "more sexually."

The government of Saudi Arabia has not confirmed that this game ban is official, for the record.

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    Technogeek says:

    I don't think Mohammed is technically worshipped by Muslims any more than your average Roman Catholic worships Mary or the saints. "Veneration" would probably be a more accurate term.

    Of course, this is assuming that the House of Saud hasn't found a new and exciting way of ramping up the insanity they've already added to Wahhabism, which is probably not the best thing to bet against.

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    NyuRena says:

    "…editorial concluded that the game is a pedophile's best training tool."

    As long as you ignore your region's culture, religion and laws. Remember, it's not pedophilia if you put a RING ON IT!


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