Spelunky World Record Broken

YouTube user Buddy7heElf has broken the Spelunky world-record score, with a total of $3,140,325 last week (thanks Polygon). The latest Spelunky world-record score comes from YouTube user Buddy7heElf, who posted a complete play-through with the record-breaking high score last week.

The new record score was hit during a play through of the game that lasted 4 hours, 10 minutes and 4 seconds, ultimately beating the previous world record of $3,109,850 from Twitch streamer YamaYamaDingDong earlier this month. That play through took 4 hours and 45 minutes. YamaYamaDingDong's score surpassed the $3,105,850 score from Twitch's Bananasaurus_Rex, which had taken seven and a half hours in February.

At the 7:32 mark in the video you can see the beginning of Buddy7heElf's record-breaking run with the Windows PC version of Spelunky.

You can check out the second part of it on Polygon.

I admire anyone who can pull off such a record; most of the people I know can't even last an hour straight in that game, let alone set a decent record.

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