Superdata: Digital Games Spending Increased Nine Percent in March

Digital games spending in the United States grew significantly in the last year, according to research firm Superdata. According to Superdata's March 2014 report, the US digital games market raked in right around $936 million in sales during the one year period, up nine percent from March 2013.

The report points to hardcore games as the reason for the increase, and not social and mobile game offerings. The firm says games such as Titanfall and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are showing the industry's focus back on traditional core gamers, with digital becoming the preferred distribution method for consumers.

The research firm also points out that social and mobile platforms are beginning to "soften and saturate," and indicated its lack of faith in the below-industry standard conversion rates for companies such as Zynga.

Finally, Superdata revealed data on Candy Crush Saga publisher King; it noted that the company saw a 1.2 percent increase in spending compared to February; but that was stunted by a two percent drop in its social players, and a mobile user base that showed no growth during the period.

Source: MCV

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