FCC Chairman Says That Reports on the ‘Death of Net Neutrality’ are ‘Flat Out Wrong’

After news broke yesterday that the Federal Communications Commission would allow service providers like Comcast and Verizon to charge content providers like Netflix and Amazon more for faster path to customers, the Internet at large deemed the move "the death of net neutrality as we know it." But the guy who wrote the new proposal says that this characterization is flat out wrong and that there has been no "turnaround in policy" at the agency.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler – a former lobbyist for the telecom industry who was appointed to the position last year – issued a statement slamming the characterization of the agency's new stance on an open and free internet.

"There are reports that the FCC is gutting the Open Internet rule," said Chairman Wheeler in a statement. "They are flat out wrong. Tomorrow we will circulate to the Commission a new Open Internet proposal that will restore the concepts of net neutrality consistent with the court's ruling in January. There is no 'turnaround in policy.' The same rules will apply to all Internet content. As with the original Open Internet rules, and consistent with the court's decision, behavior that harms consumers or competition will not be permitted."

Wheeler's new proposal is expected to make the rounds to other FCC commissioners beginning today. The public may have to wait until May to see it for the first time.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

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