‘A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online’ Book Crowdfunding Campaign Off to a Rousing Start

Games journalist Andrew Groen launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for his book project, "A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online." Within hours of its launch, the crowd-funding campaign for the book, which will explain in plain English the in-game history of CCP's popular space MMO universe, has already garnered well over half of its goal.

As of this writing, "A History of the Great Empires of Eve Online" has generated $8,126 of its $12,500 goal.

So why does Groen need $12,500? Here's what he says on the project page for the campaign:

"After talking with printers, editors, and designers I determined that I'll need $12,500 to get this book finished and to print and ship 1000 copies which is the minimum count needed to secure a decent price-per-book from a printer."

There are also no real reward tiers for the project: backers can donate $10 to get the digital version of the book, or $25 to get the soft copy of the book and the digital version. If the campaign goes above its intended target Groen says that he might add some other interesting extras. For the time being he's simply looking to hit the target goal – which is on track to meet its goal by the day's end.

You can learn all there is to know about the book by visiting its Kickstarter project page or by simply watching the pitch video to your left.

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    Scott1701c says:

    EVE is an interesting game. I played it on and off for a few years.

    It is one of the only games I have seen with a 'real' player history. "Why is Jita a major trade hub?" is a perfect example of the history made by players. (Long story involving the introduction of Null-Sec and the early traders deciding, at no point did CCP make Jita, it naturally formed).

    I was even around back during the fall of "Band of Brothers" (an epic tale of betrayal and espionage).

    Many things that many players know, but happened before they started playing. That is what amazes me the most is that history and why things are in EVE.

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    SeanB says:

    First thought, Why is anyone surprised. That game has one of the most loyal followings I've ever seen. And it's earned.

    Second thought, What an amazing campaign. Simple to understand, only 2 tiers, and a very direct and understandable product. With only 2 options it takes very little time to decide what you want, and the project gets to benefit from the "impulse shopping" psychology.

    looks like a well earned success. As of 9:20pm, they've passed the goal by over $2,500.

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