Free Press Offers Tips on How to Speak Out on Net Neutrality

Advocacy group Free Press is not happy about the FCC's future changes to the Open Internet Order of 2010. They have several useful links that will make it easier for you to let your voice be heard at the FCC and multiple articles on why FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal will do more harm than good to Net Neutrality.

Some worthwhile reading on the subject includes "Strike Two: Obama's Second FCC Chairman Fails on Net Neutrality," and "Tom Wheeler Says His Proposal Will Protect Net Neutrality. Here’s Why It Won’t." Ironically enough even those who do not support net neutrality think these new proposals are a bad idea (for other reasons that are more about corporate interests and free markets than a free and open internet).

If you want your voice to be heard, read the aforementioned articles, then follow the three steps outlined by Free Press on

Thanks to Unwinnable for the tip.

You should also sign this petition on

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