Key Members of Xbox One Kinect Technology Reveal ‘Fluid Experience Technology’

Aquifi, a company comprised of some of the team that developed "key elements" of the Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Technology today introduce the world to its new "Fluid Experience Technology." Fluid Experience Technology is a software-only platform that "will yield new economics and usability in the perceptual computing and gesture-control markets, by allowing a new style of 'adaptive' interface to be created," according to Aquifi.

The software will work with inexpensive commodity image sensors, making it possible for more and more devices to have access to gesture based technology. The company suggests that devices capable of supporting this gesture-based software could include smartphones, tablets, PC, wearable devices, and other machines to all have interfaces that adjust automatically to users.

“Within the next decade, machines will respond to us and our needs through intuitive interpretation of our actions, movements, and gestures,” said Nazim Kareemi, Aquifi CEO. “Our fluid experience platform represents the next generation in natural interfaces, and will enable adaptive interfaces to become ubiquitous, thanks to our technology’s breakthrough economics.”

According to Aquifi, Fluid Experience Technology and applications can interpret user movements over a wide area; can interpret far more than simply hand gestures, or gross body positions; can adapt its response based upon machine learning; is a software-only solution that can use inexpensive, commodity imaging sensors, rather than specialized chips or other expensive hardware; and can be used across a full spectrum of machines to simplify.

Aquifi launched in 2011, and has received $9 million from Benchmark Capital and a number of private investors.

You can learn more about the company at

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