NSA Throwdown: John Oliver vs. 60 Minutes

A new Time Magazine article notes that comedian John Oliver's new show on HBO, "Last Week Tonight" has done a better job of grilling the National Security Agency (NSA) about warrantless surveillance than the long-running CBS Sunday evening news program "60 Minutes."

In the debut episode which aired on Sunday, the temporary host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central (who took over earlier this year for Jon Stewart while he filmed a movie) sat down with former National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander about the spy agency’s controversial surveillance programs.

While Oliver jokes around here and there, he ultimately asks some pretty tough questions of Alexander. Time compares Oliver's interview with the December report from 60 Minutes, who were granted "unprecedented access" by Alexander. The segment was widely panned by critics for being remarkably easy on the agency. Some felt it was a PR fluff piece, and not the usual kind of hard-hitting expose 60 Minutes has a reputation for producing.

To make a point, Time has put together a video it calls "NSA Throwdown: John Oliver vs. 60 Minutes," where it compares the two reports to see who does a better job. You can check the video out to your left.

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