Rhode Island Lawmaker Urges Curt Schilling to Testify on 38 Studios Loan Deal

The Rhode Island House Oversight Committee has written a letter to former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling asking him to testify before the committee as it continues its review of the $75 million loan deal that lured his video game company to the state. Chairwoman Karen MacBeth (D-Cumberland) told the Daily Journal on Wednesday that her office sent letters out last week to six other individuals she hopes will come before the panel in May. The committee has not yet received any responses, according to House spokesman Larry Berman.

The letters from MacBeth went to former EDC Executive Director Keith Stokes and his then-deputy, Michael Saul; Sean Esten, an EDC employee who raised concerns about the loan guarantee; attorney Michael Corso; ex-Finance Committee Chairman Steven Costantino, the lead sponsor of the legislation that created the loan guarantee program that got 38 Studios the funding; and former Rep. Jon Brien, another sponsor of the bill.

MacBeth originally said that she wanted to subpoena key witnesses but later backed off that strong stance, instead saying all involved would be asked to appear voluntarily first. Committee members have said they also want to hear from former Republican Gov. Don Carcieri, who set the 38 Studios deal in motion, and ex-Speaker Gordon Fox.

MacBeth said Carcieri and Fox haven't yet been asked to appear before the committee "yet."

"These [letters] are just the beginning," she said.

The state is currently suing Schilling and others involved in the deal. It is highly unlikely that anyone asked to testify would appear while in the midst of a court battle…

Source: Daily Journal

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