TotalBiscuit Opens Up About His Battle With Cancer

The latest video for popular YouTube personality TotalBiscuit, (AKA The Cynical Brit, and TotalHalibut – and in real life 29-year-old John Bain) is not game related at all. In an honest and frank moment, the popular YouTube gaming personality talks about cancer.

"If you were hoping to hear about video games…" he says in his video as Surgeon Simulator is played out in the background. "Not today. I think that needed a video of its own, to explain there."

Bain reveals that over the last few months he has been suffering from a medical condition that is a bit embarrassing, but wanted to talk about it so that people in similar situations will seek the medical attention they need. A few months ago his doctor told him that he had a "either a pre-cancerous or already cancerous mass" inside his colon.

"Basically what I'm saying is: if I don't already have cancer, I will have cancer if this is not dealt with," Bain says in the video.

Bain goes on to say that he shouldn't have waited so long when he felt that something was wrong.

"I should have gone to the doctor pretty much immediately, but I didn't," he says at one point in the log. "I figured: it's embarrassing, it'll just go away on its own."

"You know what?" he concludes. "I almost got myself killed."

You can watch the entire video to your left.

We wish Bain a quick and full recovery and we thank him for sharing this personal information in order to encourage more people to seek the treatment they need.

Source: Kotaku

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