Xbox One Coming to China in Sept.

Microsoft and BesTV (its partner in China) announced that the Xbox One will officially launch in China in September of this year. China lifted a 14-year ban on the sale of foreign game consoles in January, opening up the market to the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. But it seems that only Microsoft has taken the initiative to get its latest console in the hands of Chinese consumers.

The systems will be manufactured within the country – one of the many stipulations that Chinese government put in place for console makers who want to do business in the region.

"Today is the next major step in the partnership with BesTV since forming our joint venture, E-Home Entertainment, during the Shanghai Free Trade Zone expansion in September of last year," Yusuf Mehdi, Xbox's corporate VP of marketing, strategy and business, said in an official announcement this morning. "Today marks a monumental day for Xbox, as together with our partner BesTV New Media Co., we announced we will bring Xbox One to China in September of this year. This is a historic moment in our partnership as we work toward the first official Xbox launch in China."

Last week the Shanghai government published strict content guidelines for console games that will need to be adhered to for products to be approved for release in China. The guidelines prohibit games that are offensive to the Chinese government and that might be considered derogatory to the Chinese culture. No doubt games that contain sex and religion will be scrutinized in great detail.

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