Report: Cheat Providers Rake in Millions of Dollars a Year

Companies that provide the tools to cheat in the most popular online games are raking in millions of dollars a year, according to this extensive PC Gamer report. Companies that make and sell hacks for cheaters in online multiplayer games like Counter Strike and Battlefield are making millions of dollars annually from paying customers.

The detailed report looks into the "million-dollar business" of aimbot and hack makers and the people who pay to use them. PC Gamers' Emanuel Maiberg speaks directly with one firm estimated to make over $1.25 million a year from subscribers paying as much as $10.95 a month to cheat in online games.

A customer service rep at one of these companies, identified only as "Zero," tells PC Gamer that the site he works for earns approximately $1.25 million a year. That estimate is based on the number of paying users online at any given time, paying for cheats for one game at $10.95 a month. Some pay more for a premium package with cheats for multiple games, which costs a lot more.

Anyone who plays online games – both old and new – understands the need to deal with cheaters who try and unbalance the game with their antics. This is why so many companies are forced to ban players on a regular basis and have created vast systems for identifying players who are more than eager to use the equivalent of steroids when playing in ranked and unranked online matches.

You can check out the full PC Gamer report here.

Source: CVG

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