Serious Sam Classics: Revolution Available Now on Steam Early Access

It's always a nice thing when fans create something and their efforts get recognized by the makers of the games that inspire them. That's what happened with Serious Sam Classics: Revolution, a fan-made project that's officially been sanctioned by series developer Croteam and is being distributed by Hotline Miami publisher Devolver Digital. The game is officially available (for a limited time) for a mere $4.99 on Steam Early Access today.

In an update yesterday during the game's official launch, developer Alligator Pit thanked the community for its support and for providing voluble feedback.

"Following today's launch, we're incredibly thankful for all the criticism, feedback and reports. Your feedback is important to us, so we have worked hard today to bring you our very first update!"

Croteam is supervising the ongoing development of the project, while Alligator Pit continues to tweak its anthology containing Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter (2001) and The Second Encounter (2002). The games feature updated tech and new content like added campaign levels, weapons, game modes and multiplayer maps.

You can find out more about the game on Steam.

Source: Eurogamer

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