The Man Who Disposed of 750,000 Atari Games

Here's an interesting fact: the man responsible for the Atari game graveyard unearthed by a documentary film crew over the weekend (to be released at a later date as part of Microsoft's Xbox Original entertainment programming for Xbox Live) has been identified as James Heller of Nampa, Idaho.

Speaking to news station KBOI, Heller said the he worked for Atari in 1983. One day he was tasked by his employer with getting rid of 750,000 video games that were in a warehouse in El Paso, Texas.

"I had been charged with getting rid of it as quickly and inexpensively as possible and so I did. That was my job," Heller said.

After kids started raiding the cache of games, the company decided that – instead of just giving them away or letting people take them for free, they would bury all the games under six truckloads of cement.

Thirty years later a story about the Atari grave site surfaced.

"I looked at the article and I go, 'I did that!' Heller said.

A film crew shooting a documentary about Atari for Xbox showed up last Saturday to find what was buried at the site and they invited Heller to be there. He says they found thousands of games and not all of them were the craptastic game ET: The Extraterrestrial. "It was just not E.T. It was Missile Command, and Centipede, Warlords," Heller said.

Source: KBOI

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