‘NeuroRacer’ Maker Seeking FDA Approval

During a NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2014 keynote, "Video Games and the Future of Cognitive Enhancement," by Dr. Adam Gazzaley revealed that his game "NeuroRacer" has been submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval as a treatment for the elderly. Gazzaley is an Associate Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, whose work focuses on the quality of life as people age. Gazzaley and other researchers have found that playing video games improves a person's mental speed and agility in real life.

Gazzaley's game NeuroRacer helps users by adapting to keep a player in what is described as a "flow state" where the game is easy enough so the player feels entertained and interested. As players get more comfortable and learn how to play the game, it in turn becomes progressively more difficult. Gazzaley says that mental multitasking performance starts to decline when people turn 20-years old. This can be improved by as much as 120 percent after playing a prescribed regime of NeuroRacer, according to Gazzaley .

No doubt Gazzaley hopes that getting FDA approval will add credibility to the concept of playing a video game to improve cognition.

You can check out Gazzaley's presentation, "Video Games and the Future of Cognitive Enhancement," here. For more information on NeuroRacer, visit gazzaleylab.ucsf.edu.

Source: Scientific Computing

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