Odd Polling: Tattoos and Gaming Go Together

Here's a bizarre bit of polling reported on by the Wall Street Journal about the correlation between tattoos and video gamers. Apparently those who have a tattoo are also more inclined to be video gamers, though the folks responsible for the polling don't really understand why.

Pollsters also found that "Tattooed Americans" are more likely to be uninsured, live in a Republican congressional district, and voted for President Barack Obama in the past. The polling data also showed that there are far more tattooed people than there were 15 years ago.

The data comes for a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, which has apparently been polling respondents about tattoos since 1999. In the latest poll, 42 percent said that someone in their household had a tattoo – up from 21 percent. The percentage change from 15 years ago was among people ages 35-49 and parents: 52 percent said they live in a household where someone has a tattoo.

Pollsters Bill McInturff, and Fred Yang highlighted the fact that they had found what they called a considerable overlap between tattoo households and people who said they played videogames, though they didn’t know exactly why beyond both videogames and tattoos holding more appeal to "younger, downscale respondents."

Around sixty percent of "blue collar" households had tattoos, while the 52 percent of the "uninsured" indicated they had someone in their household with a tattoo.

Other tattoo loving demographics: 42 percent of respondents in Republican congressional districts; 36 percent in Democratic districts, 38 percent of Barack Obama voters and 30 percent of Mitt Romney voters.

Source: WSJ

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    Longjocks says:

    It should be apparent to all that both tattoos (bad ones mostly) and gaming have become more popular over the years. Now they're trying to draw a correlation? I bet a greater amount of tattooed people use Internet banking these days. I'm sure with the expanding gaming culture that more car owners have cruise control as standard. And don't forget that average global temperatures are rising, but I'm not sure if the link is with tattooed people or gamers. Both maybe? Could they be conspiring or is there a deeper fundamental connection? I think we need more studies to be sure.

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    Sora-Chan says:

    I don't know… something seems off. It almost feels like they're trying to lump a bunch of things with tatoos to make them seem evil. It's likely just my imagination.

    Though the poll doesn't really talk about people with medical tatoos, just tatoos in general.

    Edit: Something I do find odd, is that they don't give a percentage of how many play games. They just "state" that there is a connection without giving a figure.

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