Poll: Should the Mental Health Community Officially Recognize “Video Game Addiction”?

For many years, video games have been the subject of various studies, scares and outrages. One of the most common concerns over video games has been what many consider the addictive nature of games.

We have heard and read many stories about people playing games to the extent that they ignore their jobs, school, family, health, and even their family's health. Because of this behavior, many in the health sector, and many well outside the health sector, want to classify gaming addiction as an official mental disorder.

So we ask the question of you the readers and most likely game players, should video game addiction be officially recognized and classified as a mental disorder. Should it be treated any differently than other behavioral disorders such as gambling and sex addiction?

Do you have anything you wish to add? Let us know in the comments.

Andrew and I will discuss your answers and comments in the next episode of the Super Podcast Action Committee.

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