EFF Urges Everyone to Support the ‘USA Freedom Act’

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is calling on the Internet community to support the USA Freedom Act and oppose other "supposed reform bills." The rights group is calling on the Internet community to strongly oppose reform bills like the FISA Improvements Act, which pretends to fix the problems with the NSA's mass surveillance spying programs but instead gives the agency and the government more power to continue spying (like bills from lawmakers like Representatives Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger, and Senator Dianne Feinstein).

While opposing that bill and others like it, the EFF is also calling on everyone to support the USA Freedom Act. If the bill passes it would limit bulk collection of phone records, add transparency and oversight to the FISA court, and create a special advocate who can argue for privacy before NSA surveillance orders are granted.

The EFF acknowledges that the bill doesn't address every issue, but they also call it a "a powerful first step."

If the USA Freedom Act sounds like a good idea to you, you should visit this link and let your representative in D.C. know that you expect them to represent your interests by voting for this bill when the time comes.

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