D.C. News Station Takes ‘Payday 2’ to Task for Depicting ‘Violence Against Police Officers’

Washington D.C-based news station WIJA offers a report that tries to solicit anger from local policemen about the depiction of violence in Starbreeze Studios. The report begins by pointing out how Starbreeze created a game that makes the player "feel like you’re in D.C." with the use of "police logos, cruisers, and uniforms almost identical to the real thing." They also note that targeting police officers is an integral part of the game.

So where are they going with all this? Well first they reached out Starbreeze Studios, who did not respond. Next they solicited the opinions of D.C. police detective Kevin McConnell, who says that "What we do every day is not a game." To illustrate that point McConnell describes one incident during his two decades of service to the police department where he almost died on the job.

This all leads to this comment from McConnell talking about games glorifying violence against law enforcement:

"Shooting cops, killing cops…doesn't seem like a fun way to spend your time, knowing that the cops are out there for you," he said.

A spokesman for the Entertainment Software Association told the news station that video games have been affirmed by multiple courts as protected speech on the first amendment to the Constitution.

"…Courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have ruled 13 times that computer and video games are protected speech."

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier declined to comment on camera, but a spokeswoman for the chief said that Lanier thinks that a game that glorifies violence against police officers doesn’t deserve any attention.

Source: WIJA

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    prh99 says:

    Cops are out there for you..my butt. The Supreme Court said cops are not there to make the public feel safe, so much for protect and serve. There are quite a few police department and officers who take the view that their coming home safe is paramount, which means if it’s your safety or the cops you are out of luck. As has been reported on numerous occasions, they have no trouble committing acts of violence against innocent people and either covering it up or doing an internal investigation and claim the use of force was justified. With more departments becoming militarized, civilian are becoming collateral damage cause of the shoot first ask questions later mentally of the drug and gang wars they are so eager to fight, even as violent crime remains at an all time low.

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    Kajex says:

    When you really look at the game, you notice much of it revolves around politics, too- particularly where it concerns missions with corrupt politicians and businesspeople.

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    KaylaKaze says:

    Maybe when the police stop murdering unarmed people who didn't even break the law we can have a discussion about violence against police.

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