UK Education Expert Thinks Games Like ‘Angry Birds’ Have a Place in the Classroom

Playing computer games such as Angry Birds and Lemmings teaches children some pretty important life skills including concentration, resilience and problem solving. Professor Angela Mcfarlane, an education expert in the United Kingdom who has advised the government there on educational technology (she is also currently writing a book called "Authentic Learning for the Digital Generation") and will soon become the head of the College of Teachers.

Speaking to the Times, Mcfarlane said that the complexity of many of today's games require "deep learning" and "lateral thinking" to complete.

Mcfarlane also confessed her love of the classic computer game Lemmings and the more recent Angry Birds and that games could have a place in the classroom if used under supervision. She added that some games could teach children fine motor control, help with learning vocabulary, simple math, and resilience that could be applied to real life. Next month Mcfarlane will become chief executive and registrar of the College of Teachers, which offers professional training to teachers and support staff in the UK.

Source: Daily Mail

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