Ukie and Staffordshire University Present One-Day Student and Indie Developer Conference

Ukie, the trade group representing the games and interactive entertainment industry in the United Kingdom, announced that it has teamed up with Staffordshire University for a one day student and indie developer conference at the university's campus in Staffordshire, UK (College Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST4 2DE, United Kingdom).

The one-day conference promises to give students guidance into "what key business skills they require to succeed in an industry which is rapidly transitioning." College alumni and video games industry professionals will be on hand to give insights into current key trends in the industry and to share experiences of working in different kinds of games businesses. John Hare of B.U.G.S and Sensible Software fame, Ukie Board member and Chair of the Ukie Developer Group Ella Romanos and Sue Stather of Jagex Game Studio will be there to speak about a variety of topics including setting up a business, finding routes to funding, the importance of relationship building within the industry, marketing and games discoverability.

The conference takes place on Tuesday, May 20th at Staffordshire University campus.

"When we have spoken to course leaders around the country about what their students need, they have all been very keen to find a way they can keep up to date with trends in the industry, to help their students understand the diversity of our industry and identify what options they have as they prepare to graduate," Ukie CEO Dr. Jo Twist said. "There is a lot of competition as we know for player attention and for sought-after jobs, so bringing together people who have been through different journeys and who have stories to share is really important."

"Our sector changes at a rapid rate," she continued. "With tax breaks for the industry, the rise of crowdfunding, the multiple development tools available, as well as the range of platforms and business models, there is a lot of opportunity for graduates but they need to hear from industry professionals so they can make informed choices about their careers."

For more information on the event and pricing, check out this event page.

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