Video: How Gamers Eat Their Food

A viral video featuring parodies of characters from Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Thief, Max Payne, and Skyrim tries to explain how gamers "eat their food." The video created by gaming culture comedy group Mr.TVCow has already been viewed (as of this writing) 1,504,582 times. While you can check out the video to your left, we also want to draw your attention to this LBTimes report, which highlights various aspects of the video while maligning the very topic of excitement for viewers. In its report the publication notes that players "addicted to video games" often don't eat properly and then goes on to cite the questionable video game research of Ohio State professor Brad Bushman.

"Funny it seems but the video truly captured the real situation of people who have been hooked into violent video games," the report states. "People who have been addicted to playing violent games don't want to take time to eat properly or eat healthy and balanced food. Most often, they eat instant and unhealthy food or in worst cases, do not eat at all."

"According to a research conducted by The Ohio State University, playing violent video games posed risks beyond the well-studied impacts on aggression," it continues. "Prof. Brad Bushman, co-author of the research and professor of communications and psychology The Ohio State University, said, 'When people play violent video games, they show less self-restraint. They eat more, they cheat more.'"

Oh Australian newspapers, you make us laugh sometimes. You can check out the rest of Mr.CowTV's work on its YouTube Channel.

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