Game Trading App ‘Jiggster’ Hits Google Play

A new Android app on Google Play promises to make trading games as easy as 123. The new app is called Jiggster and it allows users to list the games they are looking to swap and what titles they are interested in.

Jiggster users can either locate other users who live nearby for face-to-face swaps or exchange through the mail. An IM system within the app also allows deals to be brokered in real-time. A beta of the app launched earlier this year and has been downloaded nearly 4,000 times. According to the company that makes the app it currently has 2,900 active users who have brokered around 1,300 deals.

"As a fanatical gamer, I got frustrated at seeing the value of my games being destroyed by the existing trade-in options," Jiggster CEO Neil Ghosh said. "We developed Jiggster as a simple solution to enable gamers to get access to new games from like-minded peers, and make their own, fair, trading deals."

You can check out a video of the app in action to your left or visit its official website at

Source: MCV

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