Rovio Reveals 'LVL 11' Publishing Label

May 7, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Rovio, who is already operating a third-party publishing label called Rovio Stars, revealed another publishing label called Rovio LVL 11. The new label is apparently for internal games that don't quite fit in with Rovio's overall brand.

Speaking recently to, Rovio's Jami Laes said that his company has been putting together a bunch of prototype games that simply don't fit alongside the main Angry Birds franchise and require a different publishing method. According to Rovio, LVL 11 will allow the company to release its more outside the Angry Birds formula game projects without affecting its main releases. Laes described LVL 11 as "a soft label" that is separate from Angry Birds.

RETRY is the first game to come out of the Rovio LVL 11 publishing brand.

Rovio is likely trying all these new things because it saw its profits cut in half during fiscal year 2013. Some of that loss comes from the company spending money on what it calls "foundation-building" to bring Angry Birds into other mediums such as animation and video distribution. We assume some of that cash went towards the aforementioned publishing labels as well.

Source: Gamasutra

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