‘Towns’ Development Halted

The developer of RPG city building game Towns has apparently abandoned the game, blaming poor sales as the number one reason for moving on to something else. Towns was one of the very first games to be accepted in Valve's Steam Greenlight program. Developer Florian Frankenberger (aka Moebius) revealed the news on the Towns website. Frankenberger said sales of the game were less than a third of the amount he had been led to believe they would be when he took over development of the project after original co-creator Xavi Canal left because he felt "burned out."

Frankenberger was to get 15 percent of the profits from the game's sales after taxes and Valve Steam fees, but what was left of that pie was not enough for him to support himself, he claims.

"To be completely honest, I can't work for that little amount," he said. "I have to pay for the rent and food and this doesn't really suffice for any of it."

Reaction from consumers who put money down on the game has been mixed. Some are upset that the game has been abandoned and will no longer be supported. Others sympathized with Frankenberger and wished him luck.

Frankenberger also drew criticism for suggesting a potential sequel to Towns in the same post where he announced development on the original would end.

Source: Eurogamer

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    DorthLous says:

    While I'm far from a fan of Xavi, he did say they are in talk with another dev. They are not shutting down Town, just, the guy they hired to do it went away and said a lot of things that weren't official.

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    Craig R. says:

    I played Minecraft quite a bit for quite awhile, then I stopped pretty much cold turkey. I thought something like Towns or Castle Story, which were just coming along at the time, would be nice alternatives that I might enjoy as well.

    So, I bought Towns (I'm pretty sure I didn't pay anywhere near the $15 for it due to Steam sales), but never got around to playing it. I eventually realized why I quit Minecraft: I don't really want games that aren't complete on purchase (the DLC argument aside).

    I keep an eye on a few Early Access titles on Steam with the wishlist, but I probably won't be buying any of them. I just don't think Early Access is for me, regardless of what has happened with Towns.

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