CCP Punishes Eve Online Monument Vandals

Earlier this week we reported on CCP's efforts to catch the individuals that vandalized a real-world monument dedicated to its game EVE Online in Reykjavik, Iceland. An update on the situation in the official Eve Online forums CCP announced that the company has managed to identify those involved in vandalizing the monument and have taken swift and serious actions against all of those involved in its virtual world. The company did not reveal the identities of those involved.

"Firstly, I'll say that the fact that the monument was vandalized is an insult to the entire community, not just to the individual whose name was directly targeted by the vandalism," CCP Falcon wrote in a message on the boards. "Thankfully with the assistance of a number of members of the community, including some of those who were involved with the incident and other members of their own alliance, we've been able to make headway in identifying those responsible."

"Three individuals have been permanently removed from the EVE Community. A total of 7 EVE Online accounts, and 1 Dust 514 account belonging to them have been permanently banned. Another individual who was indirectly involved in the vandalism has received a 6 month ban from EVE Online on their sole registered account," he continued. "The four individuals involved are also blacklisted permanently from attending future Fanfest events."

Falcon ended his update by noting that CCP considers the matter resolved within the EVE universe, but did not rule out the possibility of further action like criminal charges and an attempt to recover the costs to repair the monument.

Source: Escapist

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