Gamers More Likely To Consider Themselves Independent And Support A Variety Of Policies Based On Free Choice

It might not come to a big surprise for many of you, but gamers are less likely to be conservative than non-gamers and more likely to use products and services that many politicians want banned. 

The two most recent Reason-Rupe polls show that gamers are more likely to consider themselves independent in their political views. The polls show that 55% of frequent gamers consider themselves independent while 30% consider themselves Democratic and 15% Republican. 

The polls also show that gamers support a wide variety of activities and products including buying energy drinks (84%), online gambling (71%), legalizing marijuana (62%) and using Bitcoin (55%). Of all the listed activities on the poll, the only notable exception to this is with 3D printed guns. Only 42% of gamers support the printing of guns at home.

Gamers also have a less favorable view of the police actions than non-gamers. 72% of gamers feel that giving the police drones and military equipment goes too far. Additionally, 63% of gamers feel that the police are not properly held accountable for their actions.

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    Technogeek says:

    That is extremely state-dependent. Open-primary states (which together comprise over a third of the electoral votes in the US) don't require people to register for a specific party to vote in their primary; you're just not allowed to vote in multiple party primaries at the same time.

    Hell, I'm pretty far to the left by US standards, and I still went and voted in the Republican presidential primary in 2012. (Mostly because I wanted to cast a symbolic vote in support of the fact that Herman Cain chose to grace this nation's comedians with his existence.)

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    Sleaker says:

    Exactly, because the power on voting in primaries is determined by being party-affiliated for getting specific candidates on the ballot.  People will more likely register to vote as dem/rep so they can have a say in choosing who most likely represents them at that level.  For all other votes it doesn't make a difference what party you're in.

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    Brett Schenker says:

    I decided to take a quick dip into Facebook's demographic data which actually appends voter roles on to their data. Quickly looking at a bunch of gaming terms, generally they are registed 50/50 as Democrats or Republicans and both of those registrations vastly outnumber those registered as Independents. So while they might take a survey and say that, actual voter registration is telling a vastly different number.

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    Technogeek says:

    I'm not sure I'd say "most". It's arguably far more common for "Independent" to mean "on board with the majority of a given party's platform, but doesn't want to consider themselves partisan and/or don't want to admit to supporting a party with a tainted public image". John Sides did a decent job of demonstrating this — in approval ratings for Obama, as an example, not only did the difference between "identify as Party X" and "independent leaning Party X" never exceed the margin of error, but "pure independent" voters were a mere seven percent of the electorate. No matter which group "both parties are too right-wing" falls under, that seems a pretty far cry from "most independents"

    This isn't to say that I disagree with you on your descriptions of the Democratic and Republican parties, save that you insult clowns everywhere by comparing them to the GOP. Unfortunately, there aren't remotely as many people in American who agree as either of us would prefer.

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    Cleveland Rock says:

    I couldn't have said it better myself. I wish the poll said "liberal," "conservative," and "moderate" instead of "Democrat," "Republican," and "Independent."

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    KaylaKaze says:

    That's because gamers are far more likely to be liberal and the only two parties in this country are right-wing, and so insanely right-wing that they look like clowns. Too often people act like "Independent" means between Republican and Democrat, when most Independents are just to the left of both parties.

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