38 Studios Lawsuit Defendants Ask Judge to Compel Governor’s Office to Produce Documents

Defendants in the EDC's lawsuit against 38 Studios say that Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee's office has continually delayed the production of documents needed to mount a proper defense and have asked a judge to order them turned over.

Lawyers for the defendants call these documents critical to their cases and say they are needed to go forward with the depositions. They want Judge Michael Silverstein to order them produced by May 23. Governor Chafee's office has not yet filed a response.

The governor's office was subpoenaed for records in October of 2013 and has produced thousands of pages so far, but the defendants in the case say that more are needed. The parties have gone back and forth for months over producing documents from the administration of former Republican Gov. Donald Carcieri, including his emails. The records have been archived and have apparently been sealed.

The lawsuit against 38 Studios and others relates to a $75 million state-backed loan that was defaulted on when the company founded by former Red Sox all-star pitcher Curt Schilling went bankrupt.

Source: Boston Herald

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