Video: 'Hitman' in Real Life

May 12, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

A recent video from Youtubers Public Prank Compilation shows what it might be like to be Agent 47 - the protagonist from the Hitman series from IO Interactive and Eidos - in real life. The video shows the videogame's most prolific assassin for hire choking out targets, climbing into dumpsters, dragging bodies and more - all within plain view of an unsuspecting public. Some of the reactions are hilarious, but how would you react if you saw a man throw a limp body into a dumpster nonchalantly and then walk away?

You can check out the video to your left and you can check out more videos from the group here. Admittedly the video isn't brand new but it's message is timeless: it's a lot easier to dispose of a body in a video game than it is in real life.


Re: Video: 'Hitman' in Real Life

Worst impression of Agent 47 ever. 47 would never have been caught.

Re: Video: 'Hitman' in Real Life

Good thing none of the bystanders was packing and decided to be a hero...  >.>

Re: Video: 'Hitman' in Real Life

I don't think that's in the US

Re: Video: 'Hitman' in Real Life

I think there might be a gun or two somewhere outside the US.  But point taken.

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