Report: Microsoft May Drop Xbox Live Gold Requirement from Entertainment Streaming Apps

According to multiple sources within the company, Microsoft plans to lift the Xbox Live Gold requirement for consumers who want to watch Netflix, Hulu and other streaming media apps on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Basically it means that consumers who buy a brand new Xbox One will be able to watch these services right out of the box without having to worry about having an Xbox Live Gold account. Of course you'll still have to set up a free Silver account in order to do anything.

The news comes to light as Microsoft gets ready for its annual E3 Expo press conference where it is rumored that it will announce these new changes alongside some other interesting Xbox One news in June.

It should also be noted that Nintendo has never charged for online services as a gateway to entertainment apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Likewise, Sony does not require a PS Plus pay wall to watch entertainment on its PS3 or PS4.

It should also be noted that this news is not official, and Microsoft has not publicly commented on this story.

Source: Ars Technica

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