Microsoft: No Compensation or Freebies for Xbox One Early Adopters

Microsoft doesn't plan on providing any compensation to those who have already bought an Xbox One, according to Eurogamer, though one has to ask the question – why would they? After yesterday's announcement that it would start offering the Xbox One without a Kinect for $399, GameSpot decided to ask Microsoft if it planned to offer any freebies to early adopters of the system.

Naturally the answer is an emphatic "no."

"As with many first generation products, the offerings can be expected to change and evolve over time," a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"Kinect remains an integral part of our vision. Xbox One is better with Kinect, making games, TV, and entertainment come alive with premium experiences."

Yesterday GameSpot asked Microsoft a similar question.

Microsoft chief marketing and strategy officer Yusuf Mehdi said the company is instead looking to deliver extra value.

"Part of what we're trying to do is really deliver value for those early purchasers," said Mehdi, "and that's part of what we're doing with some of the Games with Gold value offer that we've brought. One of the things that we did is we're bring an extra [free] game to Xbox 360. So we're always trying to reward our best fans with more services."

But it's tough to call the unbundling of Kinect a "price cut," because those who buy that particular SKU will likely purchase the device at a later date – Microsoft confirmed that the Kinect would be available at retail by itself this fall.

The reward for customers who bought Xbox One already is that they don't have to consider buying any hardware later on down the road…

Source: GameSpot

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