Motive Unclear in 2013 Nevada School Shooting

Sparks Nevada police have released a 1,300 page report detailing an exhaustive investigation into the October 2013 middle school shooting in Sparks, Nevada.

"The family owns an XBOX 360 and 69 video games," Sparks, Nevada police chief Brian Allen said at the media event announcing the release of the department's 1300-page report on last year's shooting involving 12-year-old Jose Reyes, who injured two, killed teacher Michael Landsberry, and killed himself using a 9mm handgun at the Sparks Middle School.

"Of the 69 video games owned," Allen continued, "47 are violent-themed first-person shooter or shooter-type games such as 'Grand Theft Auto V,' 'Hitman Absolution,' 'Assassins Creed' and 'Call of Duty 4.'"

Video games were listed as one of the "potential external influences" on Jose, according to  police. Signs of autism were also present in the 12-year-old, according to the report, as well as the fact that Reyes was on Prozac and that he had had a number of documented outbursts at school over the years.

Police also said that bullying was not being considered as a motive for the crime, but it's clear that Reyes felt that he was being bullied. In a note addressed to the school found inside a notebook, Reyes seemed to indicate the he was bullied, or at the very least, felt that he was the target of regular bullying.

"Dear teachers and students today is the day when I kill you bastards for the embarrassment that you did. You say mean things in school," Reyes wrote in his notebook. "That I'm gay. That I'm lazy. Stupid. Idiot and also say I pee my pants and also stealing my money. Well that all ends. Today I will get revenge on the students and teachers for ruining my life… And right now this school will now come to an end your death will be rising when I shoot you. Have a great death at school."

But in a note to his parents, Reyes apologized, saying that he understood if they didn't love him for doing what he did (you can read it here).

"Dear mom and dad I'm sorry about all this is because some of my family and friends hate me but I understand. What I did this shooting is not because of the shooting games, bullying or other stuff is because of the past causes there some bad things in the past cause of me. And now I'm just a monster," he wrote.

Police also indicated in the report that Reyes used the family laptop to search the Internet for topics such as "Top 10 evil children," "Super Columbine Massacre Role Playing Game," and "bullying." Images on Reyes phone included "violent wars scenes" and pictures of the "Columbine High School shooters."

Finally, the hand gun used in the shooting belonged to Reyes parents, and apparently was not secured in a locker or a safe. According to police, the family kept two guns in a cabinet above the refrigerator, hidden behind cereal boxes.

While police have focused on a variety of factors, it is unclear why this shooting happened even after an exhaustive and extensive investigation. No matter the reason, it's a tragedy for the community of Sparks, Nevada, and the families affected by it.

Source: USA Today, Reno Gazette Journal – image via.

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