Former RI Speaker Seeks to Kill Subpoena in 38 Studios Case

The lawyer representing Former Rhode Island speaker of the House Gordon Fox will be in court today to fight against a subpoena in the 38 Studios case filed by the Economic Development Corp. on behalf of the state.

Back in March of this year the court issued a subpoena requesting that Fox release a cache of documents related to the 38 Studios loan including records of any communications the former Speaker had with the former Red Sox pitcher and 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling, and any documents related to his efforts to push legislation through the Rhode Island House that would secure the $75 million loan for the studio.

The state's economic development agency is suing Schilling and others over 38 Studios' collapse.

Fox's attorney cites his constitutional protections against self-incrimination and illegal search and seizure in moving to quash the subpoena.

Speaker Fox resigned in March after federal raids on his home and Statehouse office. What those raids were related to were never revealed publicly.

Source: WPRO

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