A Portrait of the ‘Average Gamer,’ According to ‘RuneScape’ Maker Jagex

What does the average gamer look like and how are people who play games different from the rest of the population? Are they better or worse than the rest of society? While Jagex would never claim to know the full answers to these burning questions, the company behind the long-running MMORPG RuneScape thinks it has a clearer picture.

Based on survey data and an image profiling technique from the Victorian era, Jagex has created a profile picture of what the average gamer looks like – or at least the average RuneScape player if you took composite pictures and melded them all together.

The data is based on "research carried out across a nationally representative panel of 1,157 UK respondents," according to Jagex. London-born photographer Chris Dorley-Brown also captured gamers' faces at an event in London attended by over 2,000 people for RuneScape and created the composite picture seen to your left.

Along with the composite picture, Jagex released the data it collected. The data shows a comparison between gamers in the UK and society at large. Here is what that data shows, according to Jagex:

  • 55 percent of gamers are in relationships, compared to the UK average of 30 percent
  • 37 percent of gamers are in full-time employment, compared to the UK average of 30 percent
  • 27 percent of gamers met their partners offline, e.g. via school or work
  • 70 percent of gamers earn at least £20,000 ($33,500 USD) per year, earning more than bank clerks, with close to 40 percent earning over £40,000 ($67,000), more than police officers
  • 70 percent of gamers have bought housing, compared to 14 percent of Brits renting
  • 34 percent of gamers live in the South and East of England, the most desirable area to live in the UK
  • 36 percent of gamers go on at least one vacation abroad each year, while only 21 percent of Brits see it as a necessary expense
  • Almost a third of gamers have two cars per household, more than the average 12 cars per 10 British households
  • 18 percent gamers are women
  • 34 percent of gamers are 35 and over
  • Almost half of all players consider themselves casual gamers, while over 1.6 million (.03 percent) of the UK claim they are closet gamer

For more information on Jagex, visit www.jagex.com. RuneScape has over 220 million registered players worldwide, according to Jagex.

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