Report: ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ Generates Five Times More Revenue Than ‘Clash of Clans’

According to new data released by Super Data, GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons beats out Super cell's Clash of Clans in mobile ARPU (average revenue per user). Super Data claims that GungHo's game generates around $12 per user, while Clash of Clans generates only around $1.31.

The data comes from 12 months preceding the end of March 2014. During that period, Puzzle & Dragons earned an average of $11.89 per user, more than five times the ARPU of its next nearest competitor: Big Fish Casino, which has ARPU of $2.07.

Super Data says that "a rich social fabric" distinguishes the most successful mobile games. Puzzle & Dragons, emphasizes, "a multiplayer experience and allows players to construct their own deck, shows the potential on mobile platforms," according to the firm. You can check out the data here.

Source: GII

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