Take-Two CEO Praises New Kinect-Free Xbox One

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick told GamesIndustry International that he is pleased that Microsoft decided to unbundle the Kinect from Xbox One, in turn allowing consumers to pick up the system for $100 less.

"Anything that increases the installed base is a good thing for Take-Two and other publishers," Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told GamesIndustry International. "We're happy with the way Xbox One has performed. The next generation launch of both platforms has been successful from our point of view."

Some have been calling this new SKU a price cut, but a price cut would mean lowering the price on the same SKU as was released previously, while Microsoft's new Kinect-free SKU is more of a downgrade.

Earlier in the week Ubisoft also praised Microsoft's new cheaper Xbox One SKU.

Overall, it seems that the biggest publishers think this will expand the base of console users, which ultimately means more game sales.

To date there are over three million Xbox Ones in homes around the world. Microsoft is lagging behind Sony, whose PS4 has about 7 million units sold so far. The new Kinect-free Xbox One could help Microsoft catch up to Sony in the months ahead.

Source: GameSpot

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