Google Glass Engineer Joins Oculus

A former Google employee and the lead engineer on Google Glass has left the company to join virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR. Adrian Wong was senior hardware engineer of the Explorer Edition of Google Glass prior to joining Oculus.

During his time at Google, Wong was responsible for a number of duties on the Explorer Edition, including working on hardware prototypes and display subsystem design and architecture.

Wong was also hardware engineering manager of the Consumer Edition of Google Glass.

Wong joins a number of notable additions to the company including former id Software programmer John Carmack, former Valve programmers Michael Abrash and Aaron Nicholls, and former id Software employee Kenneth Scott.

Wong joins Oculus VR as an engineer working on the Oculus Rift hardware, according to an updated LinkedIn profile.

The company was acquired by Facebook in March of this year.

Source: CVG

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