Zynga Sees Voluntary Efforts as the Best Path to Combating Online Piracy

Social game maker Zynga opposed SOPA in 2010, noting that the anti-piracy legislation crafted by Congress would "freeze innovation" and generally damage the way the internet works. But now the company is joining its former SOPA adversaries in supporting voluntary anti-piracy initiatives. As highlighted by this extensive TorrentFreak report, Ted Hasse, Corporate Counsel IP at Zynga (who will make an appearance at the (Anti-Piracy & Content Protection Summit this June) has emphasized the importance of a "cooperative approach" to fighting against the evils of piracy with a bend towards voluntary – rather than mandatory – efforts.

"[Cooperation] seems to be the best avenue for the greatest results on the largest scale in the near term. In the last year, voluntary agreements for best practices have been hot with major activity among all industry-leading ISPs, payment processors, and ad networks," Hasse explains.

Hasse cites work by the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force on how best to handle the millions of DMCA takedown notices being issued every day. With legislation off the table, working together is what he believes is the sole solution.

"The only path for DMCA reform in 2014 is through a process like this since nothing could make it through Congress," he notes.

Hasse also says that while torrent and file-hosting sites are still the biggest anti-piracy challenge for all involved, voluntary agreements are beginning to have a real effect.

"Legitimate ad networks and payment processors are cutting off the money streams for pirate sites through voluntary commitment to the IAB’s best practices for combating piracy and the IACC Payment Processor Initiative, and it didn’t take a new laws, law enforcement or litigation," the counsel says.

He also notes that ignoring the problem of infringement can work for awhile, but as a platform holder gets bigger they eventually have to face the music – whether that be public perception or legal threats from rights holders.

TorrentFreak has a lot more about Zynga's voluntary efforts in this great article.

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