Naughty Dog Reschedules Marathon Streaming Event for 8-Bit Salute

In addition to announcing the launch of the 1.19 update for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, developer Naughty Dog announced that it has rescheduled its gaming marathon session to benefit Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute event. Over the weekend the organizers annual charity drive and gaming marathon was the target of a DDoS attack. This messed up much of the group's fund-raising efforts because its main web site was taken offline several times.

But in an update to Naughty Dog's official site, the company said that it would honor its team's commitment to playing games for the charity this weekend:

"So as you might have heard the Operation Supply Drop website went down Saturday about 30 minutes into the event due to a DDoS attack. This coming weekend is a make-up weekend and some of our community members listed in the schedule for May 18 now also will be streaming May 24 and/or 25. We will be awarding prizes for top donations based on the total we have in by May 26 now. If you want to try to win any of the prizes, please visit our team page for the list of current donations. There you can see who has donated the most. (FYI – top donor is currently over $500 as we have some PayPal receipts in from when the OSD site was taken down.)

If you donated more than $250 during the time when the website was down please send your PayPal receipt to this email: with the subject line "OSD PayPal Receipt."

If you donated multiple times, please forward each receipt with the correct subject line. The receipts should be time stamped from May 17 noon PST to May 18 noon PST.

Thank you for your understanding and your support!"

You can learn more about Naughty Dog's weekend plans here. For more information on 8-Bit Salute, check out Operation Supply Drop, though (as of this writing at least) the website remains slow to us.

Source: Polygon

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