Apple Bans ‘HappyPlayTime,’ A Game About Female Masturbation

GamesIndustry International has an excellent article chronicling the plight of a female developer whose game was banned from Apple's App Store for depicting a sexual act. At first blush the game, HappyPlayTime, might sound like pornography, but it's more about education in a fun and entertaining way, according to its creator. In HappyPlayTime, gamers touch the animated character "Happy" as instructed by the game to make her happy, and learning about how the female body works in the process.

Looking at the screenshot of the character from the game to your left, you can see that the game is cute and whimsical, but Apple's censors don't see it that way at all. Apple rejected the app initially for its sexual nature, so developer Tina Gong appealed the decision and even raised the age rating to 17+. But that was not enough for Apple, who rejected the game again on two violations of its rules: "apps that present excessively objectionable content" and "apps containing pornographic material."

While Gong acknowledges that the idea of an app that teaches female masturbation would not sit well with some circles, that doesn't change the fact that this app – which presents the topic in a friendly and non-threatening way – is being censored.

"I admit, it's pretty far out there. You're using your touch screen to play with a vulva character to make her orgasm," creator Tina Gong tells GII. "It's something that has a huge potential of making certain groups angry. As a large company, I'm sure that they're trying to stay away from controversy. I get it, but it still makes me sad."

Ultimately Gong hopes to get the game on Google Play, but she has her doubts that it can survive the review process because that App Store has tightened up its guidelines too.

You can check out all of Gong's thoughts on Apple censoring here game in this GII article.

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