Man Robs Bank, Buys Games at Walmart, Gets Caught

Here's a cautionary tale for would-be bank robbers: don't spend the money you just stole immediately after you commit the crime. Also, make sure that – if you are eventually caught – that the amount of money you stole is worth doing decades of prison time. According to a report in the Canon City Daily Record, a 19-year-old Colorado man named Tyler Matthew Schnapp robbed a bank and hours later tried to spend the paltry sum of money he got on video game systems at the local Walmart.

Schnapp handed a bank teller a folded piece of paper demanding that they give him money from the cash drawer. The teller complied, and Schnapp made off with around $1,300. During the robbery – and unknown to the robber – his face was caught on on the Wells Fargo Bank surveillance tape, making it easier for authorities to identify him. According to an affidavit obtained by the Canon City Daily Record, Schnapp's next stop was a Walmart where he decided to buy some game systems and games.

Details on what he bought at Walmart were not disclosed in the affidavit, but he had enough cash to buy all three of the current generation consoles…

Schnapp was later stopped by police in a traffic stop and taken into custody. He later admitted to police that he robbed the bank using a BB gun. His motive for committing the crime? He was feeling down on his luck and decided that robbing the bank was the right course of action..

He now faces multiple felony charges including aggravated robbery, felony menacing with a deadly weapon, and criminal attempt to commit aggravated robbery.

Source: GameSpot by way of Andrew Eisen

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    Scott1701c says:

    When I was a kid, I knew a family that went to my church who lost their young son (13) to a BB gun accident.

    The pellet ricochet off the back stop he was firing into, and hit just above his eye, barely tore the skin. They thought he was fine, he was even joking with his family for a few hours. Sadly, an important blood vessel in the skull was torn and he died of a brain hemorrhage a few hours later, quite suddenly.

    It is amazing that the human body can survive so much and so little. I have seen people live who have been shot (with a 'real' gun) nine or ten times. Yet, a simple BB can be just as deadly if hit in the wrong place.

    As my father taught me when I was first learning to shoot, treat all guns as loaded and be carful not to point it at anything that you do not want to hit.

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    Dan says:

    Spring-powered pellet guns can pierce bone. And if you take a .177 dart, a bit of trimmed-down sponge and household chemicals you can really fuck up a burglar.

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