Splash Damage Changes Name of ‘Extraction’ to ‘Dirty Bomb’

Game developer Splash Damage has renamed its upcoming free-to-play online shooter Extraction to Dirty Bomb. The game was originally called Dirty Bomb but the company changed the name because of the sensitivities surrounding terrorist attacks in the UK. The game was renamed Extraction in August 2013, but Nexon said in a release today that Dirty Bomb better fits the game's "unique personality."

The game is set in an abandon London after a dirty bomb attack that makes the city uninhabitable for the populace. Players take control of different mercenaries classes with unique abilities who battle for control of the city. The game will be published and operated by Nexon America. Nexon will operate the game in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Dirty Bomb is currently in a "limited closed beta" but more and more players will be added in the coming months.

Splash Damage is best known as the developer of such action games as Brink and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Source: CVG

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