Amplitude Hits Funding Goal

At around 7 p.m. EST on May 22, Harmonix's reboot of the classic action rhythm game Amplitude managed to hit its funding goal of $750,000. This is quite an amazing achievement for Harmonix if you consider that the Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the week was nowhere near close to its funding goal. But somehow in the eleventh hour – and with a lot of support from high profile developers, a Twitch marathon, and general word-of-mouth amongst fans – the game managed to get fully funded. As of this writing, Amplitude has managed to raise $813,508 from 13,387 backers with eight more hours to go.

Last night Harmonix thanked the community for its support and put forward a stretch goal of $1,125,000. If the stretch goal is met within the next eight hours the company will add "Online Synchronous head-to-head Multiplayer" into the game. While we want to say that it is doubtful that this funding goal will be met before the clock runs out, we were surprised to see the game hit its initial funding goal, given that Harmonix only ran the campaign for 18 days instead of the standard thirty most campaigns run.

Amplitude will come out on the PS3 and PS4 on or around March 2015.

For more information, check out the game's Kickstarter page.

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