Happy Memorial Day!

On behalf of everyone here at GamePolitics and the ECA we wish our readers a safe and happy holiday. We hope you are enjoying your extended weekend and are out (or in, as the case may be) having fun on the unofficial start of summer.

If you want an explanation of what Memorial Day is all about and why it is a very important holiday to a majority of Americans, then you should check out usmemorialday.org.

While we don't always agree for the reasons why we send our brave men and women into dangerous places around the world, we should all agree that those who serve do so voluntarily and often to the detriment of their own self interests and mortality. These and many other reasons are why we should honor our soldiers every day of the year.

You can show your support by simply recognizing what this day is all about, and if you feel like going the extra mile there are plenty of military charities you can support. For gamers who want to help their fellow gamers in combat zones around the world, a pledge to Operation Supply Drop would be a great place to start.

"Front view of Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, USA"  photo provided by Shutterstock.

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